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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blogging = Major Fail!

I it has been almost 3 months since I have written a blog post.  What can I say? My girlz on Twitter are time-sucking hoors that I love madly and deeply!  Other than that I have been pretty busy.  Here's a quick recap of the last 3 months.

The remainder of March was fairly uneventful.  I started working out a lot more in preparation for my trip to Washington/Idaho at the beginning of April and just to get in better shape overall.

My Twi girls and I did a music exchange and here is a sampling of the awesomeness that I sent to all of them.

April brought many things to look forward to! My friend and co-worker Shelly got married. (Isn't she the cutest thing!?)
All the bank girls
Three days later I found myself here with my three high school besties.  We had been planning this trip for almost a year and I was so pumped to finally get to go!
This is the cabin we stayed in, in Port Angeles, Washington.  It was so amazing!!
We spent a day in Seattle before heading to Port Angeles and as any good Twi-hard would, we took a day trip to Forks and La Push.
The whole trip was absolutely amazing!!  I am so blessed with such great friends!  You will have to look for more WA pictures in another post.

Two weeks after I got home, I attended another wedding of my co-worker/partner in crime. Ryan and Amber were married in DSM and it was a beautiful wedding!

The rest of May consisted of more working out and then some more working out when I hired a personal trainer to get me into weight training and push me to keep going! And really that brings you all up to speed really.  I worked a lot in there and read about 5 books but no one really cares about that. 

So until next time....and who knows how long that may be....
Peace out everybody!


Tameka said...

Yay for Forks! And for updating! And for working out! Oh and I want to know what books you read! xoxo, Inquiring Mind

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