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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After an extended hiatus...(Day 5)

I am back! In an attempt to be more productive and I decided to participate in the Project 365. Basically, you take a photo a day for a year in attempt create a year-long photo album to document your travels and accomplishments, your haircuts and relationships. Doesn't have to be anything big or important just a picture of something you find interesting, mirrors your mood...whatever.

Seeing as how I didn't really find out about this project until January 7th, I will be doing something more like Project 360. I may have a picture or two from the days prior and I know I am missing photos from a couple days after the 7th but I am going to do it anyway...so here goes. (I will be backdating photos to their appropriate date so this post will be chronologically incorrect...but meh! Go with it!

How I plan to spend this evening.


Tameka said...

Can't wait to see your pics! I love that so many are doing this now!

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