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Hey ya'll! Here's the deets. Casey. 29. Married. Dog momma. Family es numero uno. Sarcastic. Tendency to curse like a sailor. Craziest most awesome girls evah, I call my friends! Welcome to my little corner of the world.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On the Road Again

So you know how my previous post is titled "I suck at life"? Well, that continues to be true as I haven't posted in over 2 months. Well, no more...I am going to turn over a new leaf starting today. (Let's see how long this lasts!)
I am going to make a point to blog at least once a week. Of course, a lot of my blogging will probably be about my adolescent obsession with The Twilight Saga and various other vampire books but hang in there...eventually I will have something else to talk about!


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