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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I suck at life....'nuff said.

So, I have totally sucked at keeping up with this blog. On the one hand, it doesn't really matter cause I have eight followers and I am sure no one else reads it! I would like to say I haven't been blogging because I am busy doing important, world chaning stuff....but I am not. I am just lazy and busy tweeting and keeping up with the girls on the Twiboard at The Nest.

The most exciting thing of late....I am just going to report that I just purchased my New Moon tickets tonight and I am so stoked!

Oh, yeah...we went to New York over Labor Day weekend so I will have to post date some pictures and a recap. It was a FANTASTIC trip!



Tameka said...

You don't suck at life! It's hard to keep a blog up when you're out living real life!! I can't wait to hear about your NYC trip so hurry up and update (but no pressure!)

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