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Hey ya'll! Here's the deets. Casey. 29. Married. Dog momma. Family es numero uno. Sarcastic. Tendency to curse like a sailor. Craziest most awesome girls evah, I call my friends! Welcome to my little corner of the world.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Hi my name is Casey and I am a Twi-Addict

So, I said that I wasn't going to watch Twilight the movie until I read the books, well, that didn't happen. This past Sunday K and I settled in and thus began my hard-core addiction. On Monday, I purchased the first two books and was done with them by Thursday. I purchased the last two and finished all 1400 pages by Sunday night. I barely slept, I ate to keep up my strength for reading...I devoured those books!

And now...I have a very juvenile, celebrity crush on Robert Pattinson.

Hello! Can you say yummy?!

I can NOT wait until November 20th.


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