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Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're in Vegas!

(This photo has a story...ask my brother, he will tell ya!)

Last night we dropped off the doggies at our friend's, Bob and Adrienne, house and headed for KC. We got in about 10:30 and went straight to bed as 3:30 comes awfully quick. Surprisingly, waking up at 3:30 didn't prove too difficult for me, the non-morning person that I am. It must have been the fact that I was so freakin' excited to get to Vegas. Our flights were rather uneventful, just the way I like them, and before I knew it we were landing in Sin City! After baggage claim we hailed a taxi and headed for the Riviera. It was about 9:45 Vegas time and we couldn't check into our hotel until noon so we dropped off our bags with the hotel baggage hold and headed north up the strip to meet my Mom, Dad and Cody.

Little did I know, but the big Nascar race just happened to be at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway that weekend and that at the exact time we were trying to find my parents all the truck/trailers that haul the cars were parading down Las Vegas Blvd. Talk about people! We finally met up with our group on the corner of Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd. and watched the trucks pass through. We said hello and goodbye to Dad and Cody almost immediately because they had to be at the convention center for more bowling (for those that don't know, my dad and brother were bowling at the National Convention). Mom, K and I took off and headed South down the strip to take in the sights. I hadn't been in Vegas for 17 years (I was nine the last time if you aren't good at math) and I recognized some things but as you know Vegas is an ever-changing/evolving city so there was a lot of new stuff to see.

We grabbed a $1.99 foot long from Slots-A-Fun and were on our way. We stuck mainly to the east side of the street and ventured pass the Wynn and into the Venetian. The details of the hotels are amazing. It was really a sight to see. However, the Venetian proved to have a very over-powering "air freshener" that was making us gag so we headed back out to the street and continued south. We really didn't go in to too many places as we were just taking in the sunny, gorgeous weather.

By this time it was about noon so we bought our bus passes and hopped on The Deuce to head back to our hotel to get checked in. After check-in we headed back north towards the Stratosphere where the fam was staying and hit up a CVS for some snacks since all I had eaten that day was a Cinnabon and half a foot long. We explored the shops at the Stratosphere and Mom and I got aqua massages and then met K back downstairs in the bar area. About that time, Dad and Cody were done bowling so we headed out back down the strip to our hotel to pick up Cleon (another Decorah bowler) before we headed to Fremont St. (Old Vegas).

By the time we made it to Fremont, I was starving! We decided to eat at Fitzgerald's because they were running a special for USBC bowlers. I tell ya, a salad never tasted so good in my life. It was during our first dinner that I lost one of my spacers, I most likely swallowed it. This made eating a bit more difficult the rest of our trip.

After dinner we explored Fremont and took some photos and watched The Fremont Street experience. I thought it necessary to purchase a ridiculously large adult beverage which, between Cody and I, never did finish. There were 5 different alcohols mixed in there...tasty but STRONG! By this time it was about 10:00 so we jumped back on the bus and headed back to down to the Paris hotel. I wanted to go up in the tower and because of this paid a ridiculous amount to do so (upon later realizing I had a 2-for-1 coupon in my purse the whole time). But I got some pretty awesome pictures. Prior to our ride to the top, Mom and Dad bid us adieu and left Cody, K, Cleon and I to venture the strip. We took in the fountain show at the Bellagio and walked around a bit more before deciding that it was time to call it a night...11:00 pm was actually 1:00 am to us and we had been up for 22 hours. So we headed back to the Riviera and fell into bed.

You can check out all my pictures from Vegas here.

* I promise I will recap the rest of the vacation when I get a minute to sit uninterrupted at our circus...I mean house.


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